Storm clouds over Tram Bern West

In yesterday's referendum in the canton of Bern, the cantonal contribution to the Tram Bern West project was rejected by a very narrow majority of 50.4 percent.

The city and federal contributions to this project had already been assured. In yesterday's referendum, voters were asked to approve the cantonal contribution of 47.5 million Franks (to a total cost of 122.3 million). In the city of Bern itself, approval of the project was at 61 percent. The staunchest opposition came from rural areas. It is now unlikely the project can go ahead within the intended timeframe, if indeed at all.

The federal contribution of 51.2 million was earmarked for transport projects in cities or agglomerations. There will doubtlessly be much speculation on which project(s) benefit from Bern's mishap.

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