Kalkbreite depot

Kalkbreite tram depot project While on the topic of depot rebuilding, another approaching project is that at Kalkbreite. The first depot on this site was a horse tram depot dating to 1882. This was replaced by a larger depot for electric cars in 1900. This was in turn demolished in 1979 on account of its poor condition, with the area having been used for open-air stabling since then. Some of the depot's outbuldings remain and the track plan is also still original (with the pits having been filled in).

Kalkbreite tram depot project Over the years there have been several plans to redevelop the site, suggesting the trams wouldhave had to move elsewhere. Being just across the road from another depot (Elisabethenstrasse), the value of continuing to stable trams here is great. The latest plans therefore project a building permitting tram stabling on the ground floor with apartments on the upper stories.


An interesting page on the history of Kalkbreite depot can be found on the archive pages of Tram Museum Zürich.

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