Amsterdam's cargotram comes a step closer

The league of cargotram cities looks set to grow as Amsterdam's cargotram comes another step closer to reality — the city council has given CityCargo the green light for trial operations. These will begin by January with large scale operation possible by 2012. The trials will begin on the itinerary Cornelis Lelylaan – Amstelveenseweg – Stadionweg. Goods trams will be used to supply city busineses (mostly local distribution serving small companies — but potential customers include the Heineken brewery, which recognises the value of being associated with the positive image). Cargotram operation will be restricted to lines with sufficient free capacity to avoid conflicts with passenger trams, and also to the period 07:00 - 23:00 to avoid nocturnal noise. The project could reduce lorry movements by 2500 and particle pollution of the air by 15%. The trams used in the initial trial will be modified GVB trams, but CityCargo will later use its own designs.

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